: :   F e s t i v a l     B r u x e l l e n s i s

  • The 13th and 14th of September, 2008
    aux Glacières de Saint-Gilles, rue de la Glacière 18, 1060 Bruxelles
  • on Saturday, the 13th, from 12am to 11pm
  • on Sunday, the 14th, from 12am to 9pm

Bruxellensis - Episode IV

Following on from the last years' success, here is the fourth running of the Bruxellensis Festival. We are adhering even more to its original concept, which, unfortunately, is almost unique: we only feature characterful beers.

There will thus be present brewers producing beers, the majority of which, if not all, have well-defined characteristics. The aim is to support and defend those who have made the decision to turn their back on easy commercial gain but rather have adopted a fighting stance against beers with little flavour. They are thus brewers who wander off the well-trodden path. They work in breweries on a human, rather than an industrial scale, using traditional and natural methods, and are guided by higher motives than an unbridled pursuit of profit. They are small in size, but their contribution to our brewing heritage is enormous: they are the ultimate guarantors of the preservation of centuries old tradition and produce beers with a genuine diversity of flavours.

These flavours are the main theme of Bruxellensis: we have deliberately chosen to present breweries which buck the predominant trend practised today by Belgian brewers, who appear to be determined to offer beers that are far too sweet and fruity. The brewers featured at the festival put character and authenticity first, these qualities being at the spearhead of the beers from our region!



We are not saying that there are good or bad brewers, but that there is an alternative to the flavour standardisation that is threatening Belgian Beer.

In order to show that our views on good beer are universal, we have decided this year to feature more foreign breweries. Therefore, France, Finland, Spain, England and Germany will be nobly represented by several of their brewing jewels in the crown!



Bruxellensis Practical Details:

  • 15cl Tasting Glass (to take home): 3
  • Beer Tokens: 1.20 each
  • Good food available


Galeries :

  Concert:   Fanfare - Pas ce soir Chéri - Sunday the 09th at 6 pm


Our partners :

The Commune of Saint-Gilles


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