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The list of breweries present:



% alc/vol

  Brasserie de la Senne

 Zinnebir (ft)
 Taras Boulba (ft)
 Stouterik (ft)

6 % alc/vol
4,5 % alc/vol
4,5 % alc/vol

  Cantillon, Bruxelles

  Gueuze Cantillon 2006
  Gueuze Cantillon 1996
  Cuve des Champions (ft)

5 % alc/vol
5 % alc/vol
5 % alc/vol

  De Ranke, Dottignies

  XX-Bitter (ft)
  Guldenberg (ft)
  Kriek De Ranke
  Pre Nol

6,2 % alc/vol
8,5 % alc/vol
7 % alc/vol
7 % alc/vol

  Lambik 3 fonteinen (ft)
  Oude geuze 3 fonteinen
  Oude kriekenlambik 3 fonteinen (ft)
  Beersel lager (ft)

6 % alc/vol
7 % alc/vol
6 % alc/vol

5,3 % alc/vol

  Dupont, Tourpes

  Saison Dupont (ft)
  Moinette blonde
  Moinette brune (ft)
  Bon Voeux

6,5 % alc/vol
8,5 % alc/vol
8,5 % alc/vol
9,5 % alc/vol

  de Blaugies, Blaugies

  La Darbyste
  Saison d'Epeautre

5,8 % alc/vol
6 % alc/vol
8 % alc/vol

  de Cam, Gooik

  Oude Geuze De Cam
  Lambik De Cam (ft)
  Kriekenlambik (ft)

6 % alc/vol
5 % alc/vol
5% % alc/vol

  de Rulles, Rulles

  Rulles blonde (ft)
  Rulles brune (ft)
  Rulles triple (ft)
  Rulles Estivale (ft)

7 % alc/vol
6,5 % alc/vol
8,4 % al c/vol
5,2 % alc/vol

  els Agullons (Espagne)

  Pura Ale (ft)
  Bruno Pale Ale (ft)

5 % alc/vol
5 % alc/vol

  Kerkom, Kerkom Sint-Truiden

  Bink Blond (ft)
  Bink Reuss (ft)

5,5 % alc/vol
5,5 % alc/vol

  Slaghmuylder, Ninove

  Witkap dubbele Pater (ft)
  Ongefilterd Pils (ft)

6,5 % % alc/vol
5 % alc/vol

  Thiriez, Esquelbecq (France)

  La Blonde d'Esquelbecq
  Ambre d'd'Esquelbecq
  La Maline
  Etoile du Nord

6,5 % alc/vol
5,8 % alc/vol
5,8 % alc/vol
5,5 % alc/vol

 Ramsgate Brewery (Isle of Thanet, Kent, England) featured by Bierlijn

  Gadd's No 3 Pale Ale (ft)
  East Kent Pale Ale (ft)

5 % alc/vol
4,1 % alc/vol

 Stadin Panimo (Helsinki, Finlande)

  Amarillo India Pale Ale (ft)
  Pullman's Bitter
  Surprise !

6,2 % alc/vol
5,7 % alc/vol
- % alc/vol

Shelton goes German

This year, with the assistance of American beer importer and connoisseur, Daniel Shelton, we have selected some of our favorite beers from the region of Franconia, Germany. Franconia, in the northern part of Bavaria, has more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the world, and here you will find the true beer Mecca, Bamberg.

The countryside surrounding this superb baroque city is reminiscent of Belgium in the early 1900s -- even the smallest village has its own brewery. With an unwavering adherence to centuries-old traditions of brewing methods and ingredients, and a very strong beer culture, Franconia is paradise for beer lovers, and we are very pleased to offer some of the best of this region at Bruxellensis.

Do not miss this opportunity to discover the true character of Pilsner, Lager, and Weizen, along with the very best of the famous Bamberger Rauchbier (smoked beer) !


The criteria used to select the breweries

We have established a number of general principles, which will give the event its own, unique identity, our aim being to make it stand out from purely commercial fairs.

  The festival is restricted to independent brewers, who will only present their own beers, who do not belong to any brewing group, and who do not have their beers brewed by others.

  Bruxellensis is an occasion in which the public will be able to discover little-known, small breweries, these putting an emphasis on the character of their products, rather than on sales strategy and marketing.

  The brewers featured only brew beers in a natural way, without using additives, and they are unfiltered and unpasteurised.

  The brewers themselves (or someone who is directly involved in brewing) will be present. Who is better equipped than the brewer to talk about his/her products?